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Our fee tariff is very simple – no fees, forever.

There is no joining fee to subscribe to the Oaksmore ISA and you can apply online – it's quick and easy to join. We will complete all the signing up, registration and legal processes for you. The final step is for you to send your money to us, either by free money transfer through our secure website, by bank transfer, by cheque or by transferring an existing ISA to us. We will do everything for you and register your ISA with HMRC to ensure you receive your tax-free returns.

Your Oakmore ISA account is free from running costs and administration charges for ever. There is no cost to lengthen your ISA with us, increase contributions or leave.

The Oaksmore ISA invests in heritage property assets and the bond issuer pays for the service you receive from us. The return we offer is what you get!

There are no charges to exit our ISA – we make it free and easy to join and leave. We'll be sorry to see you go, but we will not penalise you for leaving. We hope that our excellent returns and socially-responsible investment will incentivise you to remain with us.

Your ISA:

  • Free account set-up
  • No annual charges
  • Free to make additional contributions
  • Free to leave Oaksmore ISA

Asset secured bonds in your Innovative Finance ISA

Earn tax free annual interest on your ISA qualifying investment:
5% per annum on the 2 year ISA and 7.5% per annum on the 5 year ISA.

Bonds secured by real
property assets.

No fees, forever.

You can transfer your cash, stock and shares or Innovative Finance ISA.

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Capital at risk

Please read the key risks before investing. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover investment performance.

There is no recognised market for selling Oaksmore ISA loan notes. ISA rules apply and rely on individual circumstances. ISA rules may change in the future.